Climate change threatens humankind

To the Journal editor:

The most important thing on earth is climate change, global warming, and the effects and costs of the extreme weather events happening now, more so than ever before. To deny it is suicide, to do nothing to mitigate is suicide, to allow this inaction to continue can lead to the end of life on earth and there is no comeback from extinction.

Author Annie Proulx, in her recent speech before the National Book Awards, said it very distinctly, that “To me the most distressing circumstance of the new order is the accelerating destruction of the natural world and the dreadful belief that only the human species has the inalienable right to life and God-given permission to take anything it wants from nature, whether mountaintops, wetlands or oil.

The ferocious business of stripping the earth of its flora and fauna, of drowning the land in pesticides again may have brought us to a place where not technology can save us.”

We need to make the effort, to pay the price, the cost, to mitigate climate change before it is too late, not put money on barriers against those most affected by climate change and the changing patterns in the weather that are so destructive to this planet, to the environment and our ability to grow what sustains life on earth. Barriers will not keep up the rising heat and extreme weather.

At what point will we take the necessary action to halt and cut the rising Co2 pollution, the warming of the earth, climate change and the resulting collateral damage wrought by extreme weather that is now with us?

Extreme weather is real, climate deniers are unreal.

Truth, justice, honor, integrity, respect for others, honor and equity for all are not outmoded notions or just ideal ideas. We need to stop wasting money on oil, gas, nuclear energy, the bloated military and Congress and perpetual war and the lies and deceit behind them that fuel them.

We need to put our resources into alternate energy sources that do create jobs and provide real and lasting results and are renewable, cleaner, safer and healthier.

Fred Jakobcic