Letters to the Editor

Get rid of Trump

To the Journal editor:

After eight months of Donald Trump, the cartoon character, Hillary Clinton looks better every day. She was qualified for the job.

Trump is clueless. On the Russian scandal, no doubt exists that Russia had their thumb on the scale for Trump. As the Wall Street Journal puts it to the Trump family: “Come clean on Russia.”

I believe Trump and many of his deplorable supporters (white supremacy groups, the KKK and neo-Nazi groups) are racists. Trump gives them a wink and a nod through dog-whistle coded words that he is with them.

I believe Donald Trump is the most dangerous president ever. I hope someone on the White House is able to keep him away from the nuclear codes.

In my opinion, Trump is a serial liar who also dabbles in internet conspiracy garbage. His reckless actions make him unfit for the job. It is time for cowards in the Republican leadership to say enough of this loose cannon. Trump’s cult followers are being led off a steep cliff by a con artist.

Wake up and smell the coffee! Very sad. We live in a great country; We deserve much better than Trump.

It’s going to be a tough four years. Impeach Trump!

Jack Thornton


Sports column noted

To the Journal editor:

I am writing to thank Ryan Stieg for his column on the harassment of women when they engage on the topics of sports.

While it may seem like a minor issue to some people, chipping away at misogyny toward female public figures is important. It is truly heartening to see a male sports journalist with this viewpoint.

Ryan, thank you for drawing attention to this issue and taking a stand.

Viktoria Koskenoja, MD