Getting runaround

To the Journal editor:

On Sept. 12, I received a mailing from U.S. Rep. Jack Bergman’s Congressional office. After looking it over, I noticed a small picture on the bottom right corner of the reverse side.

The caption stated “Representative Bergman discusses conservation and our national resources while visiting the GLRI Little Rapids Restoration Project on Sugar Island in the Upper Peninsula.”

On Sept. 13, I called his Washington, D.C., office. I stated my name and my address and asked the staffer where the Little Rapids were that had been restored. The answer I received was huh, I don’t know. Then the staffer suggested that I call the Traverse City office. Upon calling Traverse City and introducing myself as I had to the Washington, D.C., office and asking the same question, I received the same answer, huh, I don’t know, followed by the suggestion I call the Marquette office.

I proceeded to call Marquette and gave the same introduction to that staffer. Again, I don’t know but I will look it up on my computer. The answer: this project is still in the planning stage.

I find it astonishing that all three staffers have no clue as to what the mailing contained. On top of that, the Little Rapids Restoration project was completed in the summer of 2016.

I have not met anyone in the Sault Ste. Marie area that can find these restored rapids. Should our elected representative check their facts before mailing.

Joel P. Loy

Sault Ste. Marie