Stop the bleeding

To the Journal editor:

For seven years, I flew emergency medical helicopters. A bleeding trauma victim needs two things; the bleeding must be stopped and blood must be transfused into the body. Both MUST be done.

Our body of civilization has many climate wounds. They have names like Hurricanes Sandy, Katrina, and Harvey and forest fires named Sunrise, Lolo Peak, and the Sprague. Closer to home, we are still recovering from the deluge/wind wounds like Duluth, Saxon Harbor, Buffalo County, and Baton Rouge.

The bleeding alone from Katrina and Sandy topped $175 billion. If you think we will eventually scab over and heal, our National Center of Atmospheric Research predicts our local extreme storms will increase up to four times per season and deliver up to 70 percent more rain per extreme storm by the year 2100!

The bloody climate knife is fossil fuels. Excess carbon dioxide from coal, oil, and gas emissions trap heat world-wide.

Our oceans and air are warming. The oceans are turned into vast hot water vapor pumps and our forests are desiccated to tinder boxes by hot dry summers.

We are bleeding both money and lives. To survive, our private and public insurance transfusion bags are running full open — but we cannot survive by money transfusion alone. We are bleeding so profusely now that FEMA’s IOU blood transfusion from the Treasury was $25 billion before Harvey. We are paying for our climate inaction by printing money. We must stop the bleeding.

We must stop polluting the air. If we switch to modern solar, wind, and nuclear power the future will be beautiful. We can then heal, and prosper.

President Trump’s abandonment of the Paris Climate Agreement was an act of treachery unmatched since Judas’ kiss of betrayal on Christ’s cheek. This is not a conservative value! We must, at the very least, protect and ensure the health of our precious atmosphere.

It is time for our patriotic Republican and Democratic representatives to support concrete action like a carbon pollution fee with citizen dividend. I pray these men and women have the moral courage to do it. We must support them as political will is born of citizen support.

Join Citizen’s Climate Lobby. Phone your congressperson and senator with firm respectful calls before we bleed out and slip into climate shock.

Greyson Morrow