Letters to the Editor: Opposes NFL protests

To the Journal editor:

I have been a Packer fan since the 1950s, living in Green Bay from 1961-1966 and had the pleasure of engaging in business with Vince Lombardi.

I have remained a rabid fan ever since. But I am sickened by the un-American behavior on the sidelines. When it started, I naively thought this will never happen in Green Bay. We are a military family and took the oath to defend our constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

My family is refusing to watch or otherwise support the Packers or their sponsors for showing such a lack of courage, not standing up against these anarchist. Goodell may be proud of un-American activity but we are not.

I heard an excellent comment this weekend. “Football players don’t wear uniforms, they wear costumes. They are entertainers.”

Our fighting men and woman wear uniforms. The league and owners are presiding over the destruction of a great American pastime and don’t have the guts to stop it.

We are proud of the players that continue to stand for the flag and the anthem like the Pittsburgh Steeler player who all alone stood for the anthem. It is easy to tell who has served their country by watching the pregame.

William E. DeGenaro