Letters to the Editor: Beauty and peace at Park Cemetery

To the Journal editor:

I’m writing this letter in regards to how well the city keeps the Park Cemetery looking beautiful. Paul Albert and his workers do a very good job maintaining the large area at the cemetery. I see many people walking and sitting on the benches that are all around different places. Some by the ponds alongside the road, etc. With my wife’s passing on Feb. 18, 2017, it was a while before I could go out and fix up the area around our grave site. Once spring arrived and then into summer, it’s really nice to see many flowers planted and people dressing up the area around the grave sites.

I have been out many times enjoying the peaceful environment and the beauty of all the trees and how well the grounds are kept up.

Thanks again to all who maintain the area and the people who remember loved ones and plant flowers, trees, etc.

I will be there often until the snow comes, then we have to wait until spring again to enjoy the beauty and peace at Park Cemetery.