Disagrees with call for part-time Legislature

To the Journal editor:

Part-time Legislature means a better form of government — Brian Calley, lieutenant governor of the state of Michigan.

I respectfully disagree with the lieutenant governor. We need full-time lawmakers to assure that all branches of government do not assume excessive power, such as the Department of Natural Resources, the governor’s office, the Department of Environmental Quality, attorney general and others could and would exceed the degree of power they already have in this state without the checks and balances we presently have with our fulltime legislators. Remember, those legislators answer to the people.

Be very careful on this one folks — should you be asked to sign the Calley petition for a part-time Legislature, refuse.

We need our checks and balances in Lansing and those checks and balances are in the form of a full-time Legislature — this is especially important in the Upper Peninsula.



Alger County Road Commission