Letters to the Editor: Improved driver education needed

To the Journal editor:

What is it that so many people don’t understand about driving in the left lane on a four-lane road?

There weren’t too many four-lane roads around the Upper Peninsula when I went through drivers training about 55 years ago, but even back then we were taught that it is to be used for passing and the faster traffic.

Isn’t that done any more during training? It is almost impossible to drive between Marquette and Ishpeming without getting stuck behind a left lane driver that is oblivious to what’s happening around them, or just doesn’t care.

I have seen on numerous occasions where obvious road rage is occurring because of these dummies in the left lane. Tailgating is not only very unsafe and probably illegal, but shouldn’t be necessary to try get these drivers to move to the slower right lane. Why doesn’t our law enforcement try to correct this very obvious and irritating problem?

Maybe some warnings, or even tickets, to bring some awareness. I think the word would get around. Oh, and if you get a ticket in the left lane for speeding, you probably deserved it.

Ray Nummela