Letters to the Editor: Hosking has earned writer’s support

To the Journal editor:

With the upcoming special election primary for the Michigan House of Representation for the 109th District, I would like to voice my support for Jeremy Hosking.

While attending the annual summer sizzle for the Marquette County Democratic Party, I was fortunate enough to hear all four democratic candidates speak.

Jeremy Hosking stood out the most to me because he spoke openly and candidly about the need to protect the social safety net for low income families in our district.

There is often a stigma surrounding the topic of social programs like Medicaid expansion and the type of people that need the assistance it provides.

Jeremy looks past that stigma and sees families like mine. I’m a veteran who works part time and goes to school full time.

My wife works full time, bless her heart, and goes to school full time. We also have a 3-year-old daughter. We are by no means lazy as the stigma may suggest.

Without the help that Medicaid expansion has provided my family, I can honestly say I don’t know if we would have health care.

If we elect Jeremy Hosking as the Democratic nominee on Aug. 8 we will have the opportunity in November to elect someone who will fight every day to protect programs that help families like mine progress toward a better economic future.

Connor Loftus