Good Jobs good for all of Michigan

To the Journal editor:

Natural wonders. Family communities. Strong talent and unprecedented work ethic. Outstanding outdoor recreation opportunities. All of these make Upper Peninsula spots like our beloved Marquette and surrounding region attractive to relocate or open a new business as well as visit.

Unfortunately, the benefits dissipate too quickly for potential businesses when they review the landscape between Michigan and competing states. We do not have the necessary tools to attract larger-scale projects in Michigan. Meanwhile, our fellow Great Lakes States Wisconsin, Ohio and Indiana are happy to accommodate these expanding business opportunities with simple incentives.

We can’t and mustn’t be content with letting jobs and investment that should be in Michigan go elsewhere.

Constant headlines from other states show the real and powerful impact that incentives can make in business location decisions. We have a real opportunity to change that — and put Michigan in position to win — right now.

The Good Jobs for Michigan bill package currently pending in the House of Representatives would implement a basic, but essential, performance-based and transparent business incentive that would level the competitive playing field and create more good jobs in Michigan.

The Lake Superior Community Partnership is dedicated to fostering economic growth and prosperity. That’s why we so strongly support this public policy. Even if none of these larger businesses with 250 or 500+ jobs directly relocated here in the UP, we and our communities will still reap the benefits from increased economic activity and tourism.

Please join us in urging our representatives to pass this proposal and put Michigan back on top as the most attractive place to live, work, do business and play.

Amy Clickner

Lake Superior Community Partnership CEO