Congress must be told

To the Journal editor:

Trump and the Republicans in Congress placed a losing bet on repealing of the Affordable Care Act. Now they hope that it will fail, leaving millions of Americans without health insurance.

Funny, they can’t agree on a plan to replace the Affordable Care Act, but they have no problem insuring themselves, for life, with a single payer plan funded by our tax dollars. It’s Medicare for politicians.

Isn’t it time to strip the politicians of a perk that’s denied to other Americans? Shouldn’t they have to accept what they mandate for the rest of us? Tell your congressman, Jack Bergman, that you want him to share his health plan with the rest of America.

Tell him: “I want you to give me the same health insurance that I, as a taxpayer, am giving to you.”

If he says that it would cost too much, tell him: “Then, pass a plan that the country can afford and accept it as the plan that covers you and all other members of Congress.”

End the hypocrisy.