Cambensy getting his vote for state house

To the Journal editor:

I am writing this letter to show my support for Sara Cambensy’s candidacy for Michigan’s 109th State House of Representatives district seat.

The reason I am supporting Sara is because during her time on the Marquette City Commission, she has consistently voted in a way that reflects what I hold important. Being a private citizen I am not connected to any special interests group. I am not defining these groups as bad, just that they have a larger voice.

I feel Sara has been my voice related to what happens in the city. I am not comfortable with the rate at which Marquette is being developed. I think we are giving away too much without waiting for the right developer or corporation that will ensure this development is increasing the quality of life of everyday citizens.

In our past history there have been people who realized the value of our resources and had the wisdom to weigh the cost and benefit in a way that kept us from developing every square inch of buildable space.

They saved us, at least for a while, from becoming what we many of us dreaded and often echoed….. another Traverse City. I know I am clinging to a romantic past but I no longer recognize the Marquette I moved to in 1980. Anyone who has tried to make a left hand turn from a business on Washington Street knows what I mean.

I have taken the time to talk to Sara about her votes, philosophy and the process she uses when making decisions. My conversations with her have confirmed my belief that her votes at least in part, have meant slow down and make sure that people’s property rights, privacy rights and the publics’ common interests have all been guaranteed. To do this she has displayed the courage to stand in the minority and often alone to represent my views. I like courage.

I think we need a fighter like Sara in our state house. She has a proven record of standing up for my progressive beliefs and at the same time conservative beliefs about property and personal rights.

I encourage everyone to research Sara’s voting record or attend one of her events and ask her tough questions. After taking that course myself, I donated to her campaign and will vote for Sara to be our next state representative.