Letters to the Editor: Paris pull out all wrong

To the Journal editor:

With the announcement to pull out of the Paris Accord climate agreement, we see a failure to acknowledge reality of global change brought on by mankind, the ignoring of destructive weather we see world-wide, including the United States.

This is not only an abdication of American leadership, it is also an abdication of integrity and acknowledgment of the United States as a member of the World Community. What we have now is the connection between totalitarianism and mendacity, policies based on lies, falsehood and untruthfulness and speeches not backed by facts, a speech that ditched the climate deal with a fact-free speech.

I believe this administration wants to avoid truths, criticize all who disagree with and question the words and policies of this presidency and those who follow along like sheep. This is politics and policies of the worst kind. It makes one wonder why we keep political parties who do not represent but only keep the appearance of public interest, which in and of itself is fiction, a shell, devoid of reality of results.

Power without serving is failure. This administration threatens more with the loss of health care, to give tax cuts to corporations and the superrich. We need regulations that protect our air, water and soil. We do not want dirty politics and policies that deny us this.

We need people of integrity that requires independent judgment, free of partisan edicts which stifle the freedom of conscience and sense of justice and truth. Where is the debate, where is the freedom to discuss and vote on the important issues of today?

We need more than the empty words of politicians and politics that say one thing to get the vote, and turn their back on us once in office. What we have now and have had for some time is a facade of democracy, that looks good up front but is a fraud upon democracy and our republic of the people, by the people, while in reality exists for the superrich, the corporations and their control, for the status quo that gives them the power to rule for their benefits and not ours.

They represent the money and fear losing it more than our wrath.

Fred Jakobcic