Military spending must be limited

To the Journal editor:

Kudos to Christopher West and his articulate letter to the editor (April 24, The Mining Journal). It takes guts to question priorities but somebody has got to do it when those in power refuse to!

The priority here is military spending. Mr. Trump and his advisors seem to think that we’re not spending enough, so the administration’s budget proposal includes a $50-plus billion increase for the Pentagon, most of which is to be accommodated by drastic slashes in domestic spending. (Sorry shut-ins, no more Meals on Wheels! Research at National Institute of Health? Forget it!)

This while we outspend by orders of magnitude most of the rest of the world including Russia and China (we have 11 carrier groups they have one carrier each!)!

When is enough enough in terms of the military and the bloated sacred cow called National Defense? A question well worth asking your congressman – and be prepared with numbers, facts and hard data such as that found in the excellent article in the April 14, 2011 TIME Magazine titled: “How to Save a Trillion Dollars” by Mark Thompson) for an argument because he’s an ex-military man and has stated (Town meeting in Escanaba on 4/19/17) that Trump’s budget will “only” take us back to where we were several years ago before across the board government cuts. Where was that? Still spending even more by far than our potential adversaries spend today!

And by the way, even critical thinkers in the US military agree that the national debt represents our most realistic and potent foe (not to mention climate change)!

Most of the Cold War period was characterized by the absurdity that we all came to accept called MAD — mutually assured destruction. The period we’re living in now, in terms of military expenditure, is characterized best by simple madness!

Bill Waters