Letters to the Editor: Plan is flawed

To the Journal editor:

Upon reading Tim Clancy’s letter to the editor (April 22, The Mining Journal) and that of the guest editorialist in the Journal’s April 5 edition, the phrase “smoke and mirrors” came to mind.

A group known as the Citizens Climate Lobby has developed a Goldilocks plan to tax production of all fossil fuels (aka carbon fee) and mitigate the resulting fuel cost increase by distributing the tax as a monthly “dividend” to all American households, mindless of how much a household may pay toward its own power usage.

This group is either a willing subterfuge of the progressive left or totally disconnected from political reality, or both.

Firstly, in the context used here by CCL, those with any knowledge of history will recognize “carbon fee” and “dividend” as code words for redistribution of wealth.

Secondly, CCL’s trust in any level of government to keep its greedy fingers off of a windfall and issue a monthly stipend to the citizenry truly illustrates, at best, their ignorance of government’s voracious addiction for spending and its attempt to control every aspect of our lives, or at worst, their collusion to hasten that control.

Thirdly, I wonder how the Canadian government will embrace the prospect of our federal government slapping a tax on their oil and gas exports into the U.S.?

Alan Johnson