Letters to the Editor

Words meant much

To the Journal editor:

(Last) Saturday, mid afternoon, my wife and I walked in to the clinic at Bell Hospital (now changed to Express Care) to see about some help for an infection that I had been fighting.

As I walked toward the window another young woman was in front of me, registered, and sat down. When I returned to a seat after registering, the young lady smiled as I passed her.

No words were spoken then but upon returning from her appointment and leaving the area she said to me “I hope you feel better soon!” I responded, “Thank you and you too!” She has no idea how that smile and few words helped make my day.

It is a good lesson I think for all of us about how the little things like a smile and a few words of encouragement can help a person through a sickness or experience we’d rather not be going through at the time. I’ll call her Janice, although that may not be the name I heard as she was called in to her appointment.

So “Janice,” thank you for your smile and attention and hope this will encourage others to do the same.

Alan Larsen

Petticoat Lake