Isle Royale moose population at issue

To the Journal editor:

The recent article in The Mining Journal about the moose on Isle Royale National Park dying of starvation suggests a variety of solutions:

1. Do nothing. Let them starve.

2. Import a fresh wolf pack to reduce the herd.

3. Repeat what was done in the 1930s, which was to box trap the moose and release them on the mainland in the Upper Peninsula, very expensive.

4. Declare a legal hunting period to allow the reduction of the herd and at the same time provide an infusion of dollars to the benefit of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

This I think is the best plan so far. Granted, its status as a National Park puts it into a class of Yellowstone which periodically has the same problem with elk.

They at times have managed by driving the elk out of the park where regulated hunting groups have reduced the numbers.

Obviously, since Isle Royale is an island, we cannot subscribe to that plan.