Standing with Planned Parenthood

To the Journal editor:

I was able to access women’s health and reproductive care when I was a young woman thanks to Planned Parenthood.

I would not have had care without them. It was safe, affordable, private and professional care. I stand with Planned Parenthood to keep these services for all.

Every person has a fundamental right to affordable quality health care. We have a right to plan our families and our futures, and we have a right to protect our own bodies and our lives. Shutting down Planned Parenthood would deny millions of patients access to cancer screenings, birth control, HIV testing, STD testing and treatment, family planning and more.

I stand along side the many who are showing overwhelming support around the country for Planned Parenthood.

The defunding of Planned Parenthood is going to cut low-income people on Medicaid off from using their insurance to get basic health care from Planned Parenthood doctors and nurses. It’s not saving money it’s telling people where they can and can’t get health care and would likely lead to a lack of providers to deliver these basic health care services for poor and rural communities.

I stand with Planned Parenthood for all of the beautiful, smart, energetic and caring young women in my life. I wish for them to have the freedoms and rights that I have had.

I want them to have access to safe and affordable health care including reproductive health care that meets with each of their individual values, beliefs and goals.

I want them to know that all girls and women are important and valued and deserve equal rights and opportunities.

Darlene T. Allen