Letters to the Editor: Trump business interests entangled

To the Journal editor:

Since President Trump has not made public his tax returns or made the usual financial disclosures, we can only guess what’s going on.

My guess is that he is nowhere near as rich as he claims to be. I would bet that he is underwater, that his debts exceed his assets.

That would certainly fit with his history of multiple bankruptcies and failures to meet payroll. We know that he has millions in debt to banks and individuals in Germany, China, the Arab Emirates, and Russia.

The real question is how he will handle the conflicts of interest that come up when he is dealing with the countries where he owes money or where he has hotels or other investments.

We got a glimpse of that with his recent immigrant ban. None of the Muslim countries he owes money were included in the ban. I’m glad they weren’t. The ban violates the Constitution and international law, besides being cruel.

But we deserve to know if our president is making decisions because those decisions will make him a profit.

Jim Smit