Letters to the Editor: Can’t we get along?

To the Journal editor:

Here we are in 2017. I’m hoping this New Year that it will be better than 2016. As we all know the news about the race for president was pretty nasty. Also, the news media had mostly bad news. Terror attacks. War in Syria. Police being killed.

I sure hope we will hear some good stories about people reaching out to help others. Dr. Surell wrote about that. Doing some good things. The Mining Journal Cheer Club helped many with Christmas gifts as did the TV6 Canathon with food for the hungry. Many people are in need in our own area.

Let’s hope that President Trump will come through on his promises like more jobs, better health care, fix our roads etc. Time will tell. If it stays the way it has been going only the wealthy will be better off.

The only other real hope is the spiritual path that I have written about before. That’s a personal choice. Do some praying. Change our way of thinking. Get away from being selfish.

Change our moral behavior. Being honest and respect for one another. That can only happen with what I call a spiritual awakening, asking God for direction. Doing his will and not ours. So, I hope that in 2017 people will try the way of remembering to try to do some good works. Being polite.

Open a door for someone. Say thank you. Help someone in need. Just a few little things can be the beginning of making America great again. Not just personal gain but for all of us.

Let’s work together to make it happen.

William P. Maki