Adamini social media comments just wrong

To the Journal editor:

There is no ambiguity in Dan Adamini’s tweet, “Violent protesters who shut down free speech? Time for another Kent State perhaps. One bullet stops a lot of thuggery.”

What is equally disturbing, but a sign of our time, is that Adamini half-heartedly “walks it back” saying, “Taking a lot of heat for a very poorly worded tweet yesterday. Sorry folks, the intent was to try to stop the violence, not encourage more.”

This very typical of many politicians, bloggers, and media personalities these days — to say some outrageous, hateful, misanthropic, homophobic, bigoted, racist, xenophobic, or whatever their particular feeling of the moment may be, and then make a … retraction saying either they were misunderstood or they didn’t really mean it.

The retraction must have been particularly galling for Mr. Adamini, who asserts, by pointing to his T-shirt he is wearing in his Twitter profile photo, “To save time, let’s just assume, I’m never wrong.”

The irony is complete when Mr. Admini says he has taken down his Facebook page because of “hateful” comments.

Unless, Mr. Adamini is older than his photos on his website indicate, he probably has no meaningful idea of what was happening at the time of the Kent State tragedy and how deeply felt it was by all of us around at the time who were appalled by an oppressive government that was not listening to what the people had to say.

Perhaps Mr. Adamini should spend some time getting better acquainted with Kent State, just as I have spent some time, getting better acquainted with him.

John Burns

Morgan Hill, Calif.