Electoral College serves purpose

To the Journal editor:

In response to Joan Fontaine’s letter to the editor regarding the Electoral College I respectfully submit the following.

Ms. Fontaine does not provide any reasoning to rid us of the Electoral College other than a quote from columnist Jules Witcover. I submit that it is very important for folks to understand the system before jumping on this wagon. Change for change sake, or “because so many people are against it,” are poor reasons to eliminate the system.

Our founders established the Electoral College because they were concerned with what they called the “tyranny of the majority.” Our country is not a true democracy and was not designed to be such. We live in a democratic Republic. Each state is unique and has within its borders diverse populations, different resources; differing interests; differing values and philosophies.

The founders recognized the unfairness of high population states dictating to the smaller states. Thus, we have the Electoral College where each state is represented by Electors and those electors carry out the will of the people of their state. In doing so, the interests of the people and the state where they reside are protected.

Consider this: in the 2016 Presidential election Ms. Clinton won the popular vote by roughly 2.5 million votes. If the state of California were not part of the U.S., Donald Trump would have won the popular vote by approximately 1.5 million votes.

In other words, without the Electoral College, the people of Los Angeles County would have determined your President because Ms. Clinton had more than 2.5 million Los Angeles votes. Thus, the interests of other states would have been ignored.

Without the Electoral College, candidates would put their time, interests and resources in California and New York because of their populations. Michigan would have been ignored. The Founders did not want us to be ruled by regional candidates.

Ms. Fontaine is correct in that we are all Americans.

The Electoral College is an “American Institution” which has served us well since our founding, and continues to serve us well.

Gary J. Symons