Concert supported Room at the Inn

To the Journal editor:

Bright Productions recent concert for Room at the Inn was again a success. My group and I appreciate the large turnout, despite the cold. I personally want to thank again the members of my group for their dedication over the last five years in putting on these concerts.

The Peter White Library community room is a jewel in the community for staging events like this and we thank the library staff for making it all possible. I would like to thank one person, who was inadvertently not acknowledged that night.

Cresence Leigh (Koenigsknecht) decorated our stage and display table beautifully, along with supplying us with all the sound effects we needed for certain songs, and even took charge of the donations box.

Cres and the rest of our singers and instrumentalists and technical crew always come through to ensure very enjoyable concerts for a good cause.

Robert J. Buchkoe