Care Clinic walk not accurately described

To the Journal editor:

I participated in the 13th annual Pro-Life Walk, held on May 14 at Mattson Lower Harbor Park. After reading the front-page article in the May 16 edition of The Mining Journal, I found myself questioning how this story portrayed the events.

Entitled “BLACK and WHITE Pro-choice, -life positions demonstrated” – the caption, referring to the four pictures, leads readers to believe that this was a demonstration.

It also states that during the second annual Pro-Choice U.P’s Choice Walk, the Care Clinic’s 13th annual Pro-Life Walk, “was staged at the same time.”

Also the caption, misleads the public about the number in attendance and the actions of those walking.

In fact, nearly 200 supporters of the Care Clinic fundraiser attended this Walk for Life, while six demonstrators were present with signs regarding Pro-Choice. Park reservations are made yearly for this Life Walk event.

I clearly demonstrated my support of our Care Clinic, as I love life, from the beginning – in the womb of a mother – to the eternal!

I firmly believe that there should be an apology to the Care Clinic – on the front page of The Mining Journal – to clarify this skewed public script – and to enlighten the readers of the truth with fact.

Respectfully submitted.