Support the poor

To the Journal editor:

Poverty is being ignored with those in poverty being blamed for their plight more than the economics and social mores that put them there and keep them there.

So, what do the politicians do to help-austerity, cut funding to essential food programs that 47 million people depend on for assistance. This is the American way of poverty and more cuts are to come, cuts pushed by the likes of the (tea party) which are out of touch with mainstream America and reality.

The wealthy get unneeded tax cuts, the banks and others receive stimulus funds because of the economic chaos they brought about and profit making corporations get subsidies that I fail to see the need for, but such is their greed that they want more and those below their level get austerity.

I blame the corporate controlled mainstream media, a corrupted congress, the political parties apathetic to the needs of the people being less than the desires of corporations and wealthy few.

The infrastructure is deteriorating, public education is underfunded, the public sector is under attack all the while totally ignoring the drain on the economy that is corporate welfare.

All other industrialized nations have single-payer healthcare but this, the wealthiest nation, allows many to go without basic health care so corporations can profit over the wellness of people.

Fred Jakobcic