Loss of Todd Honch felt by community

Todd Honch, left, is pictured with his good friend, Lindsay Griffith, at a Northern Michigan University basketball game. (Photo courtesy of NMU)

It is with a heavy heart that I have to report the death of one of the best newspaper carriers we have ever had.

Todd Honch had been delivering the newspaper as an independent contractor for 20 years. Todd always had a great disposition and he was very much loved by his customers. Todd was one of the most dependable and dedicated carriers we ever had. I am sure if you talked to any customers on his route, they would tell you the same thing.

Todd was also a super fan at most Northern Michigan University athletic events. As a matter of fact, Todd received a golden ticket from NMU, along with his buddy Lindsay. They were presented to Todd and Lindsay during an NMU hockey game in the fall of 2018.

Todd was also known as “Stix” by many people because he was an awesome drummer. He played with the NMU Band in the past. He would even fill in lately if the regular drummer would be gone for school breaks. Todd also played with the Ishpeming Blue Notes as a drummer.

Todd was a unique individual that always brought a smile to my face. He checked in with us on a regular basis in The Mining Journal office. He also would come by and check in with me during all home hockey games. From my perspective, Todd always had a great outlook on life.

He always had something positive to say about things in the future. Sometimes I could tell he had something on his mind before he told me. I would see a funny smirk on Todd’s face and I would say, “What’s up Todd?” and he would say, “It’s my birthday in two days.”

Todd enjoyed life and looked forward to every birthday because it gave him something to celebrate. He also celebrated every NMU sporting event and all the special festivals in town.

We will never be able to replace Todd as a carrier for The Mining Journal. Someone will take on his route and hopefully do a good job, but they will have a huge task in front of them to replace the relationships Todd built with his customers over the past 20 years.

I believe that we all can learn from Todd’s perspective on life. He lived every day to the fullest and always had something to look forward to. Todd worked through challenges in life like we all have, but he never seemed to let things get him down. It seemed he was always looking forward to the good things in life. He focused on those and didn’t spend much time worrying about the hard times or challenges he had to deal with.

If you knew Todd and want to find a way to honor him, how about trying this: The next time you are having a “bad hair day” or are confronted with a problem, stop and think about what Todd would do. He wouldn’t concentrate on the bad thing, he would look forward to the next good thing he could think of. The time spent getting yourself bent out of shape over something insignificant is not worth it. Life is too short!

Todd’s life ended too soon, but he lived life to the fullest every day he was alive. Let’s all keep that in mind for the future and live our life to the fullest and don’t sweat the small stuff. That is the way Todd would want it. This is a way for all his friends to honor Todd’s legacy. You see Todd, you may have left all of us for a better life in heaven, but you will continue to have an impact on all of us on Earth by teaching us how to live a better life.

We will miss you Todd, but you will not be forgotten. Rest in peace.

Editor’s note: Jim Reevs is publisher of The Mining Journal.