UPPCO, SWP program a good way to help with electrical costs

While nobody is claiming it’s going to solve all of the problems, a unique partnership between a local utility company and a non-profit associated with the environment should amount to positive steps in helping low-income customers cope with electrical costs.

The initiative involves the Superior Watershed Partnership’s Energy Conservation Corps and the Upper Peninsula Power Company. According to a press release, the pilot project aims to provide energy conservation services through education, installation of energy efficiency products and recommendations for additional energy waste reduction savings.

“By working together, UPPCO and SWP are leveraging their local presence and expertise, while collaborating on a shared vision that is focused on delivering additional cost-effective energy conservation measures for low-income customers,” Brett French, vice president of business development and communication at UPPCO, said in the release.

The partnership enhanced existing energy efficiency work that is already being done by CLEAResult Inc., a company dedicated to improving energy use, and Michigan Community Action, a network dedicated to reducing poverty in Michigan, a Mining Journal story on the matter, stated.

This is a good program that will, in all likelihood, achieve positive results, without government involvement. We wish the participants good luck.