Common sense should rule New Year’s Eve celebrating tonight

Thousands of local residents will ring in the new year tonight, bidding adieu to 2017 and welcoming 2018.

There are a great many ways to celebrate the occasion, including, perhaps, a special dinner at your favorite restaurant or prepared at home, or gathering with family and friends or visiting a local establishment that is offering special New Year’s Eve events.

Look for thousands to attend the annual ball drop in the 100 block of West Washington Street tonight.

The gathering has become a New Year’s Eve tradition for a lot of people, never mind the cold conditions that typically pervade the area this time of year.

The Marquette City Police Department will have extra officers on duty downtown, making sure the laws are followed and the crowd is peaceful.

Michigan State Police and the Marquette County Sheriff’s Office will also have additional patrols on the road tonight and into the morning hours, keeping an eye on motorists.

Driving is a very important area where common sense is absolutely necessary. All groups are encouraged to have a designated driver, limit themselves to walking or take a taxi.

That means using common sense in all things, but especially in consuming adult beverages and driving a vehicle.

Be smart. Ue your head. We all want to have a good time as one year ends and another begins.

Let’s get 2018 off on the right foot — safely.