Upcoming snow isn’t the worst weather around

It is no doubt a frequent topic of conversation worldwide: what the weather has been like and what the forecast shows is headed in next.

Here in the Upper Peninsula, the summer has been cool and rainy and many have been disappointed.

But then we look at what’s happening in other parts of the United States, and we count our lucky stars to be where we are.

The west is burning, with wildfires reported in many states, including places like Oregon and Washington which are more often too wet than bone dry.

Texas and Louisiana were inundated with record rain when Hurricane Harvey tore through, putting many homes and businesses under deep water.

Then Hurricane Irma formed, as big as the whole state of Michigan, bearing down for possible landfall in the U.S. in what’s being called the most potent Atlantic Ocean hurricane ever.

Through the northern Caribbean, the death toll is climbing and many are being evacuated, uncertain if they will have homes left standing when they return.

All that puts a bit cooler temperatures and some rainy spells into perspective, doesn’t it? And when winter arrives here — we know that’s a when, not an if — we should all keep in mind how very fortunate we are to live in an area where the snow may pile up, but we have the right equipment and hearty people who can handle all that white stuff.

Prayers and good thoughts to all those dealing with the devastation of fire or hurricane.