‘Boxed In’ did great job detailing dark store tax issue

Congratulations go out to Northern Michigan University professor Dwight Brady and a group of 14 NMU students for being awarded an Emmy for producing a documentary on what is known as the dark store issue.

“Boxed In,” a 24-minute film on the tax loophole that businesses of all sizes are using to lower property taxes, was honored last weekend at the 39th annual Michigan Emmy Awards in Detroit. It was awarded the Emmy in the politics/government program special category.

In a Mining Journal story on the matter, Brady, who won an Emmy in 2006 for the documentary “Michigan’s Green Energy Economy,” said he was surprised when he realized his work had been recognized.

“It’s a huge issue in small, rural areas. It impacts the tax base so much — tens of millions of dollars in lost revenue statewide,” he said.

The impact in the Marquette area has been significant. For example, officials at the Peter White Public Library decided to close the facility on Sundays due to reduced monies. In addition, the Marquette County Youth Home closed last year, due, in large measure, to lost funds because of dark store tax issues.

Brady, and his NMU student team, deserve credit for producing a film that documents a troubling governmental issue that remains unresolved today.