Credit goes to MGH’s Muller on variety of fronts

Marquette General Hospital president Gary Muller announced his retirement this week effective Dec. 31.

Muller, who arrived in Marquette in November 2007, will continue in the role of president and CEO of Superior Health Partners, an affiliation of nine Upper Peninsula hospitals and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, until Feb. 28, 2014, when he will fully retire, according to a hospital written statement.

At the time of his arrival, Muller, 64, had already spent many years in the health care field in highly competitive situations. For example, he had worked for nearly a decade as president and CEO of West Jefferson Medical Center in Marrero, La., a 462-bed hospital and health system in the New Orleans area, the MGH statement read.

The community took to Muller’s no-nonsense style of managing the city’s largest employer almost immediately. He never shied away from making the hard call, when it was in the best interests of MGH and the community.

Along with all of the usual accolades that someone of his achievement receives on the occasion of his retirement, we believe Muller deserves special credit for a couple of things he did here.

In no special order, he was able over time to improve hospital morale significantly and start MGH on a road to financial improvement. MGH needed a firm hand on the tiller at that time and Muller provided that.

Additionally he recognized early on that the key to the facility’s future lies in it becoming a bonafide regional health care facility and that the Superior Health Partners was the means to accomplish that.

And when it came time to look at bringing in an outside player – which turned out to be Duke LifePoint – Muller was out front on that effort, too, providing leadership and guidance during a process that must have been internally very arduous.

Muller did good work here. We wish him all the best.