State well on way to achieving 2015 energy mandate

Some good news was released Friday from the state of Michigan on efforts to meet a renewable energy mandate.

The draft report, prepared by the state Public Service Commission and the Michigan Energy Office, found that energy providers in Michigan are on track to meet their 2015 renewable energy mandate but are capable of more, The Associated Press reported.

The findings are part of a yearlong effort outlined by Gov. Rick Snyder’s administration in January to help set future energy policies for Michigan, including whether to require expanded use of wind, sun and other renewable electricity sources, AP found.

Snyder vowed to explore the issue after voters rejected a 2012 ballot proposal that would have ordered the state’s utilities to generate 25 percent of their power from alternatives to coal, natural gas and other fossil fuels by 2025. Existing law sets a 10 percent minimum that must be met by 2015, stated AP.

We believe the development is positive for both business and the environment. In other words, everyone benefits.