Positive moves coming for Third Street district

We are excited to see the the plan, set to be unveiled Tuesday, for the future of the Third Street Corridor.

The city, in conjunction with the Marquette Downtown Development Authority, secured a grant and this spring brought a group of specialized city planners in to look at the area of North Third Street falling within the DDA boundaries.

The immediate result of the five-day public planning process was an interesting discussion about sustainability, walkability and pedestrian-friendly design.

The more long-term impact of the project will be seen Tuesday, when those specialists will return to walk the public through the form-based code that they have crafted for the district.

During the spring, Gibbs and his team suggested a plan that would allow for buildings to be taller, but would require them to be set further back from the sidewalk and back lot lines.

The group also suggested utilizing better bicycle-related signage and street markings, as well as creating a a designated bike lane and sharrow on Third Street.

He also said he would like to see the code stipulate that the sidewalk facing wall of new retail construction be made of about 60 percent clear glass.

Each of these ideas would do wonders to make Third Street an even more attractive area for residents and visitors alike.

While many of the changes will likely come with hefty price tags, funding discussions can come later. We are happy to see a promising process set in motion by grant funding and are looking forward to seeing the specific plans detailed this week.