Cheer Club provides opportunity to help

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has already donated to The Mining Journal Cheer Club.

Our community has always been outstanding in its generosity in supporting the Cheer Club, which provides toys, money and clothing to the Salvation Army and St. Vincent de Paul. People donating to the Cheer Club help ensure that families in need will be able to celebrate the Christmas holiday like everyone else.

Families are prescreened for participation with both St. Vincent de Paul and the Salvation Army to make sure the need is real. This means that without help from one of the participating agencies, many families would not have any gifts for their children during Christmas.

I remember when I was associated with Rotary West and we had Sandy Knoll as our adopt-a-school. The teachers had identified a family in terrible financial shape and probably would not be able to celebrate Christmas.

A young man from that family had been heard telling teachers that Christmas was no different than any other day, and he didn’t understand why everyone got so excited about Christmas. With help from donations from Rotary West, the Sandy Knoll teachers visited this home a couple of days before Christmas and put up a Christmas tree and provided gifts for the family.

This made it clear that without the intervention by the teachers, this family probably would not have had any type of a Christmas at all. The same little boy who had been heard before this event that Christmas was no different than any other day came back to school after Christmas and was heard to say that he was wrong about Christmas.

The Rotary Club and the teachers from Sandy Knoll changed the little boy’s mind about Christmas and he said Christmas truly was special.

We all have the opportunity to be that kind of a difference-maker by donating to the Cheer Club. Donations at this time are down from previous years, but there is still time to fix that problem by donating to The Mining Journal Cheer Club. Both the Salvation Army and St. Vincent de Paul have their distribution days on Thursday, so you still have time to make a donation before then to help a struggling family be able to celebrate Christmas.

We will get all donations to St. Vincent de Paul and the Salvation Army before their distribution day on Thursday. We will still accept donations to the Cheer Club through Friday, but it is important to get the donations in before distribution day.

The warmth you feel in your heart about the Christmas holiday comes from the difference you can make for a family in need. I encourage any fence-sitters to get involved and go out and make a purchase and give a donation to the Cheer Club.

You could also donate your time to ring a bell for the Salvation Army, which will help them raise necessary funds to support these families. The Salvation Army has opportunities available for bell ringers. You can contact the Salvation Army at 906-226-2241 and volunteer to ring a bell.

Once again, thank you to all who have donated or will be donating to The Mining Journal Cheer Club. You are all responsible for helping a family in need during the holiday season.

Editor’s note: Jim Reevs is publisher of The Mining Journal.