Patient-centered care in Marquette

mike phillips

I’ve been with our hospital in Marquette for 22 years and a lot of changes have taken place in my time. Receiving my Bachelors of Science in Nursing in 1996 and Masters in Healthcare Administration in 2017, I have worked in many different roles in a variety of inpatient and outpatient settings.

As a nurse, I’ve been watching my teams provide good care for our patients for years. But from an organizational perspective, I’ve seen our hospital take patient care to the next level with LifePoint Health on board and the implementation of patient-centered care.

What is patient-centered care? It is the process of encouraging our patients to become engaged and participate in their healthcare needs. This not only promotes autonomy, but can also lead to better health outcomes.

LifePoint Health is a leading healthcare organization and they have brought some of the best patient-centered methodologies and technologies to Marquette. I have witnessed these quality initiatives firsthand. Partnering with LifePoint has afforded the organization the ability to improve our interaction with patients and advance our care delivery process.

Even now, as our Emergency Department Director, my fundamental goal has not changed. I want to see patients being taken care of with the best standards and practices in place. And that means implementing patient-centered care throughout our organization.

Our care team seeks to improve the patient experience through customized treatment options designed to reflect patient needs, values, and choices. This includes care coordination, information and education, physical comfort, alleviation of anxiety, and involvement of family and friends.

We encourage our patients to become more engaged in their healthcare. This helps us take care of you. Bring a list of medications and allergies with you to your appointments, be ready to share information about yourself, and tell us how you are feeling. Know that although we may not always be able to eliminate your pain, we will do everything we can to make the experience as comfortable as possible. Your family members can become engaged by helping to take notes, being present for shift changes, or asking for clarification on things that you don’t understand.

At UP Health System-Marquette, the delivery of patient-centered care helps to make a real difference in our community. Our physicians are trained to interact with patients in an attentive, descriptive, and compassionate manner. If hospitalized, we assess your pain levels, body positioning, need for personal items, and any concerns you have, every hour. Our nurses conduct bedside shift reports to safely handoff your care to oncoming personnel. We want to provide great care with you, not on you.

Taking a patient-centered approach to care is the right thing to do, both philosophically and ethically, for the patients we serve. Its design allows for shared decision-making between our patients and health care staff.

Recently, we had a patient who came to us with extraordinary pain. This patient offered us great feedback, thanking their nurse and physician for taking the time to listen to their problems, for checking on them multiple times, and for being empathetic and compassionate. This is the type of care we consistently strive to provide.

We aspire to engage patients and their families in activities that assimilate patient-focused care into the very fabric of what we stand for as an organization.

Everyone at UP Health System – Marquette is considered a team member. We are all accountable for promoting and delivering compassionate and personalized care.

We have purposefully implemented a patient-centered approach to ensure the delivery of quality care in the most compassionate and considerate way possible, every day.

As healthcare evolves, we plan to continue adopting patient-centered practices. We want to provide the best care possible in order to improve the experience and health of our patients. And while we’re not always perfect, we aim to be. By doing so, U.P. Health System – Marquette will create a place where individuals throughout our community, and throughout our region, will choose to come for their care.

Mike Phillips, RN, MHA, is the Clinical Director of the Emergency Department and Cardiovascular Care at UP Health System – Marquette, and has worked with the hospital for 22 years.

Editor’s note: Mike Phillips, RN, MHA, is the clinical director of the emergency department and cardiovascular care at UP Health System-Marquette, and has worked with the hospital for 22 years.