Ronald A. Wicklund

Ronald Wicklund

MARQUETTE, MI – Ronald Wicklund of Marquette was beamed peacefully up to the Mother Ship on September 10, 2018. Ronald successfully completed his 74 year mission having reproduced with an earthling (Renee Meyskens) on three occasions in order to create a new species. These three offspring (Walter, Susanne and Penny) were in turn able to breed and produce 5 more beings, known by the names: Hannah, Izetta, James, Cleo and Alfred. We will be forever grateful to Ronald for accepting and completing his mission. It is our hopes that the new race he started will one day change the planet that is known as “Earth” to a peaceful place, where the only show they see on their television will be “Married with Children”. Kramer, Ronald’s faithful 4 legged companion whom joined him on his mission in 2008 will continue to report back his observations until he too is one day called home.

In lieu of flowers, look to the stars and give Ron a thumbs up for a mission well done.

The Fassbender Funeral Home is serving the family, where condolences may be expressed online at