Integrated Design Inc. celebrates 25 years

Integrated Designs Inc. recently teamed up with the Lake Superior Community Partnership to celebrate its 25th anniversary. To celebrate this milestone they hosted local clientele, business affiliates, friends and family at the Ore Dock Brewing Company. IDI was established in 1993 with a primary mission to deliver quality, cost effect design solutions, responsive to each individual client’s needs. IDI provides creative and practical design solutions while maintaining program efficiency, technical proficiency and cost effectiveness. IDI is a full service design organization qualified to manage a variety of planning, design and construction administration work related to new construction, renovations and repairs. For more information on Integrated Designs, Inc., visit their website at www. or call 906-228-4480. Pictured from left: Steve Boettcher, Mechanical Engineer/Principal; Shannon Finnila, Business Manager; Andrew Farron, Mechanical Engineer; Amy Doveau, Mechanical Engineer; Tom Heiskanen, Electrical Designer; Sean LaRock, Associate/Architect; Aurora Dobbs, Mechanical Engineer; Andrew Mansfield, Civil Engineer; Travis Hongisto, Associate/Architect; Carrie Goodney, Designer and Phil Niemi, Structural Engineer/Principal.