Team makes, donates blankets to Cancer Care

Former NICE Community Schools graduate Katie Etelamaki made blankets for cancer patients through the help of the Thrivent Action Team. All Thrivent Financial members are eligible to lead a Thrivent Action Team, which help the community by giving $250 to be put towards a service of the member’s choice. Etelamaki chose the blanket project as her service. Her grandmother died of breast cancer, so it is close to home for her. With the help of her cross country team at Ferris State, 23 blankets were made with love. Craig Etelamaki of Thrivent Financial, and his associate Brett Branstrom, delivered the blankets to Dave Poirier of Cancer Care of Marquette County. Poirier will bring these blankets to the Oncology suite at UP Health System Marquette to be used by local cancer patients.