Police log

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following information is collected from Marquette City Police Department dispatch log books recorded at the time the calls were received. The incidents reported may have proven to be unfounded once police investigated. Some log entries may be edited or omitted due to space constraints.

May 29

– 2:50 a.m., suspicious situation, officer observed several subjects on a rooftop, all three subjects were intoxicated, no damage, no charges, North Third Street near West Ridge Street

– 3:22 a.m., residential burglar alarm, checked and cleared, secured, Lakeview Drive

– 4:55 a.m., subpoena service, 700 block Craig Street

– 12:23 p.m., harassment complaint, 300 block West Baraga Avenue

– 12:29 p.m., wallet found at Little Presque Isle, turned over to Marquette County Sheriff’s Office, 300 block West Baraga Avenue

– 2:42 p.m., larceny of a vintage washtub from back yard, 500 block Harrison Street

– 3:07 p.m., officer found an old campsite in a wooded area near Tourist Park while on bike patrol, all items were junk and appeared abandoned, items picked up by officer and disposed of, 2100 block Sugarloaf Avenue

– 3:16 p.m., blue women’s wallet found in Gwinn, message left for owner, 300 block West Baraga Avenue

– 3:50 p.m., lockout opened, 200 block Whetstone Road

– 7:00 p.m., disabled vehicle in traffic, vehicle was towed, U.S. 41 near Grave Street

– 7:24 p.m., suspicious subject, male moved along, 300 block Piqua Alley

– 7:59 p.m., report of the smell of drugs, 1900 block Freedom Drive

– 8:46 p.m., mental health issue, subject acting erratically and making threats, transported to hospital, 400 block West Washington Street

– 10:00 p.m., vehicle lockout, opened, 800 block Champion Street

– 11:00 p.m., traffic stop, drugs discovered on the stop, report to be completed, South McClellan Avenue near West Baraga Avenue

– 11:51 p.m., burglar alarm, checked and secured, 900 block North Lakeshore Boulevard


– 12:22 a.m., traffic stop of a be-on-the-lookout vehicle, possible OWI driver, driver had some medical issues and EMS transported to hospital for treatment, assist NMU Public Safety on the stop, Lincoln Street near Jefferson Street

– 9:15 a.m., vehicle obstructing driveway cited, 200 block West Michigan Street

– 10:36 a.m., a construction barrel had been placed on the hood of subject’s car sometime during the night last Saturday, discovered scratches to the paint after returning home, 1900 block U.S. 41 West

– 11:55 a.m., possible drugs in vehicle, area checked, gone on arrival, 1300 block North Lakeshore Boulevard

– 12:05 p.m., suspicious object, unfounded, old case holding subject’s door open, 100 block West Washington Street

– 12:19 p.m., vehicle ran into construction sand pile, driver states it had a brake issue, driver left to go get assistance, driver did not return so officer had vehicle towed, 1600 block Mill Creek Circle

– 12:22 p.m., disabled vehicle, pushed off road, owner had it towed, U.S. 41 bypass near McClellan Avenue

– 1:20 p.m., dog at large, turned over to UPAWS, caller reports seeing two, unable to locate another, North Front Street near West Ohio Street

– 2:46 p.m., lockout, not opened, 1300 block North Third Street

– 4:07 p.m., found stroller at Mattson Park, placed in cold storage, 200 block North Lakeshore Boulevard

– 4:30 p.m., manhole cover on roadway put back in place, Ridge Street near Meeske Avenue

– 5:19 p.m., report of improper parking at the high school blocking vehicles in, matter had resolved itself prior to officer arrival, Pine Street near Prospect Street

– 5:22 p.m., report of dog running loose in the area, patrol checked, unable to locate, Pine Street near Prospect Street

– 7:15 p.m., assist EMS with bicyclist injured on trails near Benson Hill, taken by EMS to hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries, M-553 near Benson Hill

– 8:16 p.m., elevator locked, several businesses checked, 100 block West Main Street

– 9:51 p.m., motor vehicle lockout, opened, 2000 block Presque Isle Avenue

– 11:55 p.m., patrol came across subject/vehicle on top of Mount Marquette, moved on, Mount Marquette


– 3:20 a.m., intoxicated subject moved on, 300 block West Fair Avenue

– 3:50 a.m., alarm, secure, 2200 block U.S. 41 South

– 7:45 a.m., traffic accident, U.S. 41 bypass near McClellan Avenue

– 8:26 a.m., residential alarm, 200 block South Fourth Street

– 9:23 a.m., prescription drugs disposed of, large amount of expired Kuvan tablets left at rental, 400 block Oak Street

– 9:30 a.m., found bank card, owner notified, 100 block South Third Street

– 10:07 a.m., lockout opened, 500 block High Street

– 10:14 a.m., fingerprints, 300 block West Baraga Avenue

– 10:46 a.m., possible trespass, information passed on to youth services officer for follow up, 1200 block West Fair Avenue

– 10:59 a.m., lights stolen from city owned vehicle, 400 block North Seventh Street

– 10:59 a.m., credit card fraud, 1000 block Champion Street

– 11:59 a.m., court ordered treatment, subject turned over to hospital, 200 block East Arch Street

– 12:07 p.m., barking dog, spoke with owner, 2000 block Van Evera Avenue

– 12:08 p.m., well-being check on suicidal subject, OK, 100 block West Magnetic Street

– 2:01 p.m., assist Michigan State Police with runaway, 200 block Meeske Avenue

– 2:08 p.m., homeless male setting up camp in the alley next to the building, subject was moved along, 100 block West Washington Street

– 2:31 p.m., vehicle lockout, left prior to officer’s arrival, Elder Drive near Center Street

– 2:55 p.m., eviction notice and locks changed, apartment complex will call if problems arise, trespass letter served to subject who was loitering in the parking lot in a silver Ford Taurus, 300 block Pine Street

– 3:20 p.m., elderly male with dementia wandered off, returned safely, 100 block North Seventh Street

– 3:34 p.m., suspicious male, area checked, unable to locate, juvenile female reports middle-aged male followed her home from the school bus and paced in front of her residence, mother picked her up and brought her to work, 300 block West Crescent Street

– 3:56 p.m., vehicle lockout opened, 1900 block Presque Isle Avenue

– 4:40 p.m., vehicle lockout, unable to open, 1000 block West Baraga Avenue

– 4:55 p.m., barking dog complaint, dog was not barking on arrival, dog owner advised of complaint and warned, 200 block Dobson Place

– 5:49 p.m., vehicle lockout, opened, Baraga Avenue near Front Street

– 6:46 p.m., employer reports a female employee of his was a victim of domestic assault, responding patrol discovered the assault occurred in Big Bay, Marquette County Sheriffs Office deputy was dispatched to handle the call, 1400 block West Fair Avenue

– 8:20 p.m., officer witnessed two young males damage a wooden fence along the 600 West Washington Street, officer has name and information of the subjects involved, will be requesting dayshift patrol to help determine/locate owner of fence to figure a course of action, follow up will be done, 600 block West Washington Street