Police log

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following information is collected from Marquette City Police Department dispatch log books recorded at the time the calls were received. The incidents reported may have proven to be unfounded once police investigated. Some log entries may be edited or omitted due to space constraints.

Dec. 2

– 1:00 a.m., property inspection, U.S. 41 West

– 1:01 a.m., eight property inspections, 1900 block West Ridge Street

– 1:19 a.m., six property inspections, 100 block South Front Street

– 1:47 a.m., unregistered motor vehicle, cited and released with an arraignment date, report, West Fair Avenue near Garfield Avenue

– 2:08 a.m., intoxicated subject laying on the side of the road, moved along, West Fair Avenue near Woodridge Avenue

– 2:42 a.m., foot patrol, 100 block West Washington Street

– 3:04 a.m., suspicious subject crouching in back yard by vehicle, intoxicated subject was crouched down by his vehicle, 200 block West Ohio Street

– 3:28 a.m., property inspection, North Marquette Schools

– 4:06 a.m., suspicious, female heard screaming, area checked, unable to locate, 500 block Hawley Street

– 4:07 a.m., 911 hang up, all OK, 400 block South McClellan Avenue

– 4:25 a.m., property inspection, South Marquette Schools

– 5:02 a.m., four property inspections, 1600 block West Washington Street

– 5:41 a.m., four property checks, 1000 block West Baraga Avenue

– 6:06 a.m., six property checks, 1100 block Lincoln Avenue

– 6:11 a.m., 10 property inspections, 500 block North Lakeshore Boulevard

– 8:03 a.m., traffic detail, County Road 550

– 8:29 a.m., traffic detail, U.S. 41 South

– 8:31 a.m., six property inspections, 1200 block South Front Street

– 8:45 a.m., suspicious subject hanging out behind the library, officer checked the area, nobody found, 200 block North Front Street

– 9:00 a.m., alarm, set off by employee, 2100 block Presque Isle Avenue

– 9:02 a.m., traffic detail, Wright Street near McClellan Avenue