North Star hosts Family Fall Festival (Photo feature)

Senior group leader Aliyah Shalifoe, left, takes charge of the stilts run to guide her team of younger students to the finish line. Shalifoe is followed by Hayden Trepanier, Ethan Wayne, and Brenden Bourdage. (Journal photo by Rachel Oakely)
Students play tug-of-war, one of the 11 game stations at the fall fest. (Journal photo by Rachel Oakely)
Seventh graders Maddie Wood, left, and Ashlan Hansen race on wood block stilts in one of the 11 game stations. (Journal photo by Rachel Oakely)
Third grader Jack Swenor eats a preztel on a string without using his hands, a classic fall party game. (Journal photo by Rachel Oakely)

North Star Academy’s Fall Fest was a chance for the high school students to bond with younger kids at the school in an effort to encourage responsibility and leadership.