Police Log

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following information is collected from Marquette City Police Department dispatch log books recorded at the time the calls were received. The incidents reported may have proven to be unfounded once police investigated. Some log entries may be edited or omitted due to space constraints.

June 23

≤ 6:01 p.m., report of two young kids directing traffic, bike race going on, two subjects slowing traffic down, had reflective gear on and were adults, County Road 553

≤ 6:05 p.m., car vs. deer accident, happened outside city limits, no damage to the vehicle, Grove Street near Vandenboom Road

≤ 6:25 p.m., subject reported intoxicated male subject urinated in front yard, patrol unable to locate suspect, will follow up, 400 block West Baraga Avenue

≤ 6:30 p.m., report of damage to door on storage shed on the west side of school, contact made with maintenance, 400 block North Sixth Street

≤ 6:57 p.m., EMS assist, 300 block High Street

≤ 7:34 p.m., several intoxicated subjects being disorderly at Hurley Field, moved on, Adams Street near Mesnard Street

≤ 7:37 p.m., Drug Recognition Expert evaluation, Marquette County Sheriff’s Office called for the assistance of DRE for an operating while under the influence of drugs arrest, 500 block West College Avenue

≤ 7:55 p.m., warrant arrest, 300 block West Baraga Avenue

≤ 8:35 p.m., black lab found in back yard, owner had picked up dog prior to officer arrival, 400 block North Fourth Street

≤ 8:39 p.m., dog left in a red truck for last hour, vehicle gone on arrival, 200 block West Baraga Avenue

≤ 9:40 p.m., two subjects passed out behind business, EMS checked out and moved on, 1000 block South Front Street

≤ 10:05 p.m., loud party complaint, warned, 400 block West Crescent Street

≤ 10:55 p.m., assist Michigan State Police with K-9 search

≤ 11:35 p.m., loud music, warned, 1000 block Jefferson Street


≤ 12:35 a.m., verbal dispute, no domestic, Birch Grove

≤ 3:05 a.m., well-being check for Ishpeming Police Department, all OK, 2500 block Division Street

≤ 3:15 a.m., hit and run property damage accident, 800 block Magnetic Street

≤ 5:14 a.m., intoxicated subject in the bushes near the bell tower, unable to locate, Lakeshore Boulevard

≤ 9:55 a.m., traffic detail, Wright Street

≤ 10:22 a.m., report of dead seagull in roadway, removed and disposed of, Presque Isle Avenue near Summit Street

≤ 11:05 a.m., caller reports black Dodge blocking fire hydrant, vehicle cited, 300 block Jackson Street

≤ 12:21 p.m., traffic detail for NTN Trails Festival, M-553

≤ 1:39 p.m., parking complaint, blocked sidewalk, subjects moved vehicle, 200 block North Seventh Street

≤ 1:47 p.m., suspicious, 4500 block M-553

≤ 2:05 p.m., fingerprints, 300 block West Baraga Avenue

≤ 2:11 p.m., funeral escort, 2200 block U.S. 41 South

≤ 3:09 p.m., stray dog, unable to locate, Wright Street near Sugarloaf Avenue

≤ 4:35 p.m., vehicle lockout opened, 500 block South Lakeshore Boulevard

≤ 5:12 p.m., neighbor dispute over parking issue, worked things out, 500 block Pioneer Road

≤ 6:31 p.m., assist Marquette City Fire Department with possible vehicle fire, brakes had locked up on vehicle, 900 block Washington Street

≤ 8:59 p.m., traffic stop, driver arrested for possession of marijuana, Pioneer Road near Division Street

≤ 9:36 p.m., intoxicated subject sleeping/passed out next to address, subject was spoken to by officers and moved along, 300 block West Magnetic Street

≤ 9:49 p.m., disorderly subject, appears to be very intoxicated, subject was transported from the area home by taxi with help from friends, 100 block West Washington Street

≤ 10:57 p.m., loud noise complaint, contact made by officers, warned, 100 block East Ohio Street

≤ 11:30 p.m., male and female reported to be arguing, male arrested/lodged for Marquette County warrant, Longyear Avenue near Wright Street

≤ 11:30 p.m., report of male and female arguing loudly, officer made contact, female arrested for Houghton County warrant, Longyear Avenue near Wright Street

≤ 11:50 p.m., minor in possession of alcohol, Presque Isle Avenue near Wright Street


≤ 12:14 a.m., traffic stop, driver arrested for operating while intoxicated, first offense, West Washington Street near North Fourth Street

≤ 12:36 a.m., loud noise, officers went back to a previous address for the same type of complaint/renter cited, 100 block East Ohio Street