Lake Superior Hospice announces new ‘Lake Superior Life Care and Hospice’

MARQUETTE – Lake Superior Hospice has announced its name change to “Lake Superior Life Care & Hospice” in keeping with the agency’s expanded services and mission of “Supporting your journey throughout life’s stages.”

The new name reflects a broader reach, offering hope and support to individuals living with chronic conditions through the agency’s new programs. It’s a redefining of the agency’s role, helping to eliminate the stigma of hospice, and providing specialized care that focuses on treating the family as a whole.

“Lake Superior Hospice has always specialized in hospice services and will continue to do so” said CEO Sue Kitti in a news release. “However, we see many people who would benefit from services long before receiving a terminal diagnosis, we want to be able to support them earlier in life.”

The new Life Care name will reflect several new services offered by the agency.

Serving the community since 1979, Lake Superior Hospice broadened its services with Lake Superior Adult Day Services in 2016. Formerly Marquette Adult Day Services and the YMCA Adult Day Services Program, the program found a home with Lake Superior Hospice in the fall of 2016. The program is housed at the Messiah Lutheran Church, is open three days a week and serves clients with Alzheimer’s and memory loss.

The new Transitions and Journeys Program is designed for those individuals living with chronic disease or health challenges. Services include in-home monthly nursing visits, weekly phone contact with a nurse and coordination of care with the patient’s physician. It is designed for those who do not qualify for home health as there is no requirement to be homebound, or for hospice in that a terminal diagnosis is not required. It’s also ideal for distant family members that want the peace of mind knowing that mom or dad has extra support in the home.

Lake Superior Life Care & Hospice also offers bereavement services open to the community, “Dancing with Parkinson’s” in conjunction with the Dance Zone in Marquette and the “Alzheimer’s Café”–a monthly educational and social gathering for those living with or caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s.

“As Marquette County’s only non-profit hospice agency, we are so grateful for the ongoing support that we see from the community. That support allows us to continue to provide quality affordable care for those that need services,” Kitti said. “The change in name is important because hospice is often so misunderstood, and Lake Superior Life Care & Hospice offers so much more to the community. We are at the heart of every moment.”

For more information, call the Lake Superior Life Care & Hospice office at (906) 225-7760.