Police log

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following information is collected from Marquette City Police Department dispatch log books recorded at the time the calls were received. The incidents reported may have proven to be unfounded once police investigated. Some log entries may be edited or omitted due to space constraints.

April 26

– 1:13 p.m., extra checks on church marquee. Subjects tampering with letters to create obscene messages. 300 block West Magnetic Street

– 1:51 p.m., male subject digging holes on city property. Warrant arrest. 100 block West Spring Street

– 1:54 p.m., man walking down street with machete, gone on arrival, 900 block West Washington Street

– 2:23 p.m., well-being check. All OK. 300 block Summit Street

– 3:27 p.m., abandoned motorcycle, tagged, 1600 block Center Street

– 3:51 p.m., illegal entry, 1000 block West RIdge Street

– 4:45 p.m., phone either lost or stolen. Believes he left phone in business. Business managers checking video. 2000 block U.S. 41 West

– 5:40 p.m., assist EMS with patient with seizures who’s getting violent. Officer was canceled before arrival. 900 block Lee Street

– 6:48 p.m., hit-and-run property damage accident, 100 block West College Avenue

– 6:53 p.m., subject drinking in vehicle. Subject had water bottles, no alcohol. Peter White Drive

– 7:11 p.m., traffic detail, Washington Street near Lincoln Avenue

– 7:13 p.m., vehicles parked in no parking area. No violations found. Alley of 100 block West Washington Street

– 7:43 p.m., vial of pills found. Were morphine. Destroyed. 200 block North Front Street

– 7:51 p.m., motor vehicle lockout, opened, 1100 block North Third Street

– 8:11 p.m., assist fire and EMS with a subject having seizure who is being violent. Same subject from earlier. Apparently high on meth and heroin. 100 block South Third Street

– 8:11 p.m., possession of meth and Suboxone. Charges being sought. 100 block South Third Street

– 8:50 p.m., check on new guest, Room at the Inn

– 9:01 p.m., loud noise complaint. Not very loud when officers got there. Contact made to advise of complaint. 400 block North Fourth Street

– 9:37 p.m., possible dog bite. Not a bite. Dog scratched 2-year-old in the face while she was feeding it popcorn. 200 block West Michigan Street


– 1 a.m., north schools checked

– 2:49 a.m., alarm, area checked and secured, Peter White Drive

– 4:04 a.m., south schools checked

– 4:56 a.m., malicious destruction to a door/window, 100 block West Bluff Street

– 6:11 a.m., traffic detail, U.S. 41 South

– 8:46 a.m., attempt to locate homeless woman originally from Rapid River, at station

– 9:38 a.m., incorrigible child, 900 block Sherman Street

– 10:07 a.m., traffic accident, Wright Street near Sugar Loaf Avenue

– 10:11 a.m., attempt to locate suspect vehicle, 200 block East Michigan Street

– 10:25 a.m., harassment, 500 block West Bluff Street

– 10:43 a.m., found cement lawn ornament, 600 block West Baraga Avenue

– 11:36 a.m., found bicycle, Fitch Avenue

– 11:53 a.m., cats at large, trap set, 600 block Norwood Avenue

– 12:58 p.m., well-being check, unable to locate, 2500 block Division Street

– 1:10 p.m., peace officer assist, 200 block Meeske Avenue

– 1:27 p.m., assist fire department and EMS with disorderly male, 1400 block West Fair Avenue

– 1:35 p.m., extra checks for speeders, Baraga Avenue near Seventh Street

– 2:31 p.m., skunk trap, 1900 block Neidhart Avenue

– 4:02 p.m., crossing guard detail, Sixth Street near Ohio Street

– 4:15 p.m., fraud, 100 block East Washington Street

– 4:18 p.m., vehicle booted, 100 block South Third Street

– 4:25 p.m., warrant arrest, 200 block North Front Street

– 5:15 p.m., runaway. Not a runaway, incorrigibility issues, 900 block Sherman Street

– 6:09 p.m., traffic monitored, U.S. 41 South

– 7:19 p.m., assistance requested, matter resolved, 1000 block North Second Street

– 7:27 p.m., possible phone scam, 300 block East Park Street

– 9:15 p.m., vehicle parked too close to driveway, cited, 300 block East Hewitt Avenue

– 10:50 p.m., officer approached about vehicle lockout, vehicle opened, 400 block West Washington Street


– 12:51 a.m., two dogs running down street, officers checked, unable to locate, North Third Street near West Ohio Street

– 1 a.m., parole detainer arrest, 100 block South Third Street

– 2:07 a.m., report of disturbance outside bar, one subject arrested, 400 block West Washington Street

– 2:21 a.m., well-being check, all OK, 100 block West Arch Street

– 5:36 a.m., runaway, 300 block East Hewitt Avenue

– 6:45 a.m., traffic detail, U.S. 41 South

– 7:20 a.m., alarm, canceled while officers en route, 1000 block Grove Street

– 7:30 a.m., monitor traffic due to complaints, 1200 block West Fair Avenue

– 7:35 a.m., suspicious male with long black hair wearing a brown jacket lunging and barking at passing cars. Subject arrested for bench warrant. West Hewitt Avenue near Third Street

– 8:15 a.m., camper parked in private space, moved along, 100 block West Washington Street

– 9:14 a.m., dog at large, depositing waste in neighbor’s yard again. Dog owner given chance to rectify situation. Verbal warning. 400 block South Seventh Street

– 9:17 a.m., warrant arrest, 2200 block U.S. 41 South

– 9:25 a.m., empty skunk trap removed, 1700 block Kildahl Avenue

– 10:49 a.m., non-traffic accident, 1400 block Division Street

– 10:51 a.m., damage to vehicle bumper while owner was out of town. Believed to be part of the malicious destruction of property spree, 2800 block Granite Point Drive

– 10:57 a.m., two vehicles parked in private lot in way of concrete delivery, attempt to contact vehicle owners. Not cited. Contractors will work around them. 1900 block Presque Isle Avenue