Street closures for run/walk event

MARQUETTE — Beginning at 8 a.m. Saturday, Pine Street in Marquette will close from Fair Avenue to Lakeshore Boulevard in advance of a run/walk event scheduled for that day. Pine Street is expected to open again by noon.

All events will start at the YMCA facility, turn north on Pine Street and continue north along the multi-use path. Participants will continue to and around Presque Isle Park, with some runners returning along the same path to the YMCA. Others will turn west on Hawley Street, north on the two-track trail and across Schneider Mill Court and Powder Mill Road, before proceeding westerly on the Noquemanon Trail and returning along the same trail and road crossings to the multi-use path, Pine Street and the YMCA.

No other streets except Pine Street will be closed and the public is asked to use caution while driving in these areas.