Police log

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following information is collected from Marquette City Police Department dispatch log books recorded at the time the calls were received. The incidents reported may have proven to be unfounded once police investigated. Some log entries may be edited or omitted due to space constraints.


≤ 11:13 a.m., vehicle lockout; opened, 1000 block of West Baraga Avenue

≤ 12:27 p.m., non-traffic accident, 2000 block of Van Evera Avenue

≤ 12:54 p.m., peace officer standby, child exchange, 200 block of Dobson Place

≤ 2:24 p.m., stolen purse, 1100 block of West Washington Street

≤ 2:46 p.m., Marquette Downtown Development Authority reports four subjects smoking marijuana, 100 block of South Third Street

≤ 2:47 p.m., lockout, opened, 100 block of West Main Street

≤ 2:50 p.m., hit and run reported that occurred March 16, Chippewa Square

≤ 2:53 p.m., lockout opened, 1100 block of West Washington Street

≤ 4:08 p.m., report of female who cut herself with scissors; transported to ER, 600 block of West Spring Street

≤ 4:15 p.m., report of assault between roommates, wanted incident documented, 1200 block of Division Street

≤ 5:45 p.m., disabled vehicle; moved, U.S. 41 near by-pass

≤ 6:28 p.m., report of suicidal juvenile; subject located, everything OK, 200 block of Blemhuber Avenue

≤ 6:29 p.m., disabled vehicle; moved, U.S. 41 near Washington Street

≤ 6:31 p.m., retail fraud, 1100 block of West Washington Street

≤ 7:43 p.m., possible assault, friends playing around, 300 block of Pine Street

≤ 10:42 p.m., vehicle lockout; officer attempted but was unable to open, 1200 block of West Fair Avenue


≤ 12:06 a.m., loud party; renter cited for noise violation, 220 block of Longyear Avenue

≤ 12:19 a.m., suspicious situation — caller reports hearing loud bang and several subjects arguing; area checked by officers, nothing located, 2300 block of Fitch Avenue

≤ 12:25 a.m., minor in possession, first violation, 2200 block of Presque Isle Avenue

≤ 12:25 a.m., disorderly subjects, possible fight; assistance given, Presque Isle Avenue near Union Street

≤ 12:50 a.m., subjects arrested for valid warrants; lodged, 100 block of West Washington Street

≤ 1:12 a.m., subject contacted by officer for open intoxicants on public street, warned, Norwood Avenue near Center Street