Egypt’s leader blasts ‘evil people’

CAIRO (AP) — Returning to some of his favorite topics, Egypt’s president on Saturday called on Egyptians to stand together against terrorism, angrily denounced the “evil people” plotting against his country and made a stern warning: There would be no comeback if Egypt fell to Islamic militants.

“Terrorism will not end unless we all stand together. Don’t cover your eyes and pretend that it does not concern you,” President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi told participants on the second and final day of a youth conference in the southern city of Aswan. “If Egypt is lost, it will not come back. Those who fall in the abyss never come back.”

“Did Afghanistan ever come back? Did Somalia ever come back? Why do you think we can come back?”

El-Sissi also sought to debunk a cornerstone of the ideology of militants: Those who don’t agree with their radical interpretation of Islam or oppose their actions would burn in hell.