‘Oil slick’ investigated off Marquette

A 29-foot U.S. Coast Guard response boat from the Marquette station closes in on an area where an oil spill was suspected in Lake Superior along Lakeshore Boulevard around 4 p.m. Tuesday. A Marquette Police Department officer guided them to the suspected spill, which appeared as a dark, diagonal line on the water. Officials said they were notified of the potential spill near the Clark Lambros Beach Park along North Lakeshore Boulevard in Marquette. However, Coast Guard officials said when their crew assessed the situation, they found the suspicious substance in the water was a “mix of pollen and other debris from the beaches,” noting they confirmed there was “no oil, no diesel or gasoline, no smell of any kind. It happened to be a bunch of debris that was pushed in a way that resembled a possible sheen from the shoreline.” (Journal photo by Cecilia Brown)