Minimum wage set to increase

MARQUETTE — After Jan. 1, Michigan workers can expect a little more money in their paychecks.

That’s the date the state minimum wage will rise from $8.90 per hour to $9.25, according to a Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs press release.

The hike represents the final scheduled increase provided for in the Workforce Opportunity Wage Act, or WOWA, which took effect May 27, 2014.

The law increased the per-hour minimum wage in steps from $8.15 to $8.50 in 2016, then up to $8.90 this year.

WOWA also allows an employer in Michigan to pay 85 percent of the minimum hourly wage rate to employees ages 16 and 17.

WOWA replaced the Michigan Minimum Wage and Overtime Act, or Act 154.

The training wage remains at $4.25 per hour for newly hired employees ages 16 to 19 for the first 90 days of employment, the release states.