Lundin breakfast highlights mine work

President and CEO of Lundin Mining Paul Conibear addressed an audience of about 50 this morning. Current affairs and what’s in store for the company were the main focus. (Journal photo by Jaymie Depew)

MARQUETTE — President and CEO of Lundin Mining Corp. Paul Conibear held a presentation at the Ramada Inn this morning that focused on the company’s current affairs, what’s in store for the future and safety concerns.

Conibear, who has more than 30 years experience in corporate and asset management of all phases of mining investments in North and South America and several African countries, said the company is all about the safety and well-being of employees and surrounding communities.

“What we believe in? The safety and well-being of our employees and community and earning trust of those we work with,” Conibear said.

Lundin Mining is in the top 20-25 percent ratio of the safest mining operations in the world, according to Conibear.

“A safe mine is a very profitable and well run mine,” he said.

Conibear told The Mining Journal that Lundin Mining hopes to discover more resources to extend the lifespan of mines in the Upper Peninsula.

“We want to be (in the Upper Peninsula) for decades,” Conibear said.

Conibear’s presentation ended with questions from the audience who took turns thanking Conibear for the company’s donations among the community and willingness to provide thousands of jobs worldwide.

Conibear said Lundin Mining will continue to provide jobs and will hopefully “hire more young people.”

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